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  Welcome to the low cost camping gear site. The prices could shock you, as some are near wholesale. We sell the hard to find stuff too. If you are looking for cheap camping equipment, your search is over folks. Buy tents, sleeping bags, camo affordable camping gear, lanterns, cots, Coleman propane stoves, air mattress, and more!
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 It is that time of year that spring fever kicks in. This month I will start shopping for some low cost outdoor camping gear then head up to the mountains. Sometimes I like to rough it alone, or bring the whole family. When everyone goes, I will bring the 2 room camping tent Cots so there is plenty of comfort for all.
 Myself I like to get down and dirty and just bring a goose down mummy sleeping bag and sleep on the ground. I don't mind the bugs, wind, and cold as this is part of the experience. I also like the smell of coffee made on an open campfire early in the morning. If my wife tags along, she will be cooking on a cheap Coleman propane gas camp stove instead of flaming pine. Get out and get dirty plus some have fun.

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If I could afford a large RV, I would get one. I do feel the camper trailer will spoil the outdoor expierence. I have learned a lesson; if you set up your camp near a creek or river, make sure you are on high ground. I learned the hard way that a bedroll mat is really just a huge sponge. That night I got soaked, I ended up hiking back to the road and sleeping naked in the front seat of my Jeep as my clothes were soaked. It would have been embarrasing if a forest ranger stopped and checked me out.
A portable toilet is another important item you should add to your family camping gear collection. You wife and kids will enjoy it more if they have a comfortable place to go to the bathroom.

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